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LVKCC General Membership Meeting

Thursday, March 5, 2015

7 PM

Wildlands Conservancy




Club member, Dave Dawson, veteran boat builder and sometime designer, will lead the way in a journey to understand why our boats do what they do.

We’ll take a look at the physics behind kayak and canoe design in a talk titled “Boat dynamics, or why won’t my boat go straight?” We will look at why different boat sizes and shapes behave differently, and why there’s a seemingly endless variety of kayak and canoe designs.   The talk should help boaters understand why their own boats behave the way they do, and what features they should look for in a boat to achieve the performance they want.

Hope to see you all there!

Stability - Guillemot chart


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Pool Sessions, Canoe and Kayak Classes for 2015!

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 Paddler of the Year Award Criteria

(Since 1981)

To be considered for this award a member of the LVKCC must be nominated by his/her peers based on one or more the following criteria:

       1.Written and have published an article or book on the subject of   canoeing/kayaking or related     activities.

  1. Be considered to be a master teacher by his/her peers based on previous teaching activities in the field of water and small craft safety.

  2. Personally improve his/her paddling skills to the “expert” level.

  3. Perform a heroic rescue or make a courageous attempt to rescue another paddler.

  4. Promote paddling as a competitive sport

  5. Perform continuing service and long-term dedication to paddle sports and particularly to the Lehigh Valley Kayak & Canoe Club.



Come see  our new digs at the Wildlands Conservancy.


Here is a Google Maps link to our meeting site.

The link will bring to a small narrow bridge on your right. Cross the bridge and park in the parking lot to the left.

We will be meeting in the building directly behind the barn pictured here. There will not be much light at night so consider bringing a flash light!


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